Why do I need x-rays (radiographs)?

Radiographs are a great diagnostic tool and can help to assess bone levels around the teeth. Without radiographs it is sometimes difficult to diagnose issues, as some dental diseases can be symptom-free, we use radiographs to be able to ensure that there is nothing going on beneath the surface that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Are radiographs safe?

Radiographs are certainly a far better tool than they are a risk. Dosages of radiation are very low in the new equipment we have at Padstow Dental Centre.

There are some situations where we would not take radiographs, for example a pregnant lady in her first trimester – but for general use, radiographs have been proven to be very low dosages, even less than taking a flight from Sydney to Perth.

Why is the new patient examination so important?

Without this visit we would be unable to meet your needs and establish your current dental requirements. You will find, as many of our patients do, that having this visit is a fantastic way to start your journey with us, it’s insightful, invaluable and informative.

It is a great diagnostic tool and we trust that you will also find it very beneficial.

How much will treatment cost?

As you can imagine this is very dependent on what treatment you will be having completed. However after your first visit and continually throughout treatment you will be informed of any upcoming costs. A written plan is also available should this be of help to you.

Our team are always willing to pass on any relevant details that will assist you in making an informed decision about your treatment.

Can I pay for my treatment with Super?

We offer Access My Super to help you with the early release of superannuation to cover the cost of a variety of dental treatments including orthodontics, implants, crowns, braces and many more. Please contact us for more information.

Can I pay for my treatment over time?

The most cost-effective approach to dentistry is regular examination and continuing care. Payment is required on the day of treatment however in some circumstances we are able to tailor your treatment plan to suit your budget, so please feel free to discuss this with our practice co-ordinator.

Any questions?

Do you have any more questions to ask Dr Kalis and his professional team? Would you like to arrange an appointment? Use the form below and we will respond to your enquiry ASAP.

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