Is your denture making eating a hard task? When you are talking is your denture causing you embarrassment by dropping down and becoming loose? There is finally a solution – Mini Implants!

This fantastic, affordable solution means that you can have stability and function in a few simple stages. For many people, lower dentures are a real effort and cause countless issues with eating and talking, two things that should be a simple task for everyone to enjoy.

In most cases, 4 Mini Implants are placed in the lower jaw, your denture is modified with female components that fit with the male parts in the mouth on top of the implants. This then means that you can firmly place your denture in your mouth without the risk of it moving all around during eating or talking – a huge improvement in the quality of life and general functionality.

Call us to discuss this further, it may be for yourself or for a friend or family member who you know is struggling and could benefit from this treatment.

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