A beautiful more alluring smile can be the beginning of a happier, more successful and confident lifestyle. Designing your new smile is the first step.

As each patient is unique, we believe that examining your lip line, facial shape, jaw angle and eye symmetry are all essential elements in designing the most beautiful and natural smile. Your smile design will begin with a consultation with Dr Kalis where he will take radiographs, impressions and photographs for your assessment. He will discuss with you your needs and concerns and answer all your questions. After your smile design evaluation is complete, Dr Kalis will plan a smile makeover.

To create your new smile, proven and effective techniques are used to reshape the gum line and rebuild the teeth with porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges or any combination of these. Most of these are relatively simple procedures that are painless, fast and surprisingly affordable.

So, you too, can enjoy the benefits of a beautiful smile with cosmetic dentistry!

In some cases we can also perform a procedure that does not involve long-term treatment solutions. We have mastered the art of tooth coloured bonding or veneering, which can give fantastic aesthetic results in only one visit! We can correct gaps, alignment and spaces using a composite resin to achieve fantastic results.

There are generally options to suit every budget and we will take the opportunity to sit with you and discuss how to best tailor our services to your needs, as each person is very individual and has their own set of circumstances.

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  • Bonding Case 1

    Smile rejuvenation resulting in a whiter and more natural smile


  • Bonding Case 2

    Bonding treatment to restore colour and shape of affected tooth


  • Bonding Case 3


  • Bonding Case 5


  • Bonding Case 6


  • Bonding Case 7


  • Bonding Case 8


  • Bonding Case 9


  • Cfast Case 2


  • Cfast Case 3


  • Cfast Case 4


  • Cfast Case 5


  • Crown Bridge Case 1


  • Crown Bridge Case 2


  • Dental Implant Case 1


  • Dental Implant Case 2


  • Dental Implant Case 3


“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight” Phillys Diller

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