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Jorge De Nava runs our hygiene department with great precision and care. This area of our practice is a place of great value.

Jorge works closely with Dr Kalis to ensure all our patients receive the absolute best in care. Here are just some of the main duties carried out by Jorge on a daily basis as a clinical dental hygienist include:

  • Provide a wide spectrum of routine clinical dental treatments for children & adolescents ranging from examination through to cleaning/repair/removal of teeth
  • Assess, diagnose & treat a variety of gum conditions for people of all ages
  • Screen for oral cancer
  • Take X-rays of teeth & jaws
  • Identify & help treat the cause of bad breath
  • Thoroughly remove tartar & clean/polish your teeth
  • Apply preventive agents, such as sealants, fluoride & remineralizing therapies
  • Bring more complex dental problems to the attention of the dentist, a specialist or other healthcare provider
  • Administer cosmetic whitening procedures
  • Educate & motivate people to maintain good oral health
  • Provide personalised oral hygiene instruction & dietary advice
  • Assist in finding oral hygiene products specific to your dental needs
  • Liaise with other health care providers to support oral health as part of general health.

Our patients generally visit Jorge once every 6 months, where he is able to assess your current dental status and thoroughly clean and polish your teeth. This is such a valuable part of your dental care and the benefits to your teeth, gums and inner health are priceless!

NOTE: Periodontal disease (or periodontitis) is the inflammation of tissues surrounding the tooth. It affects the gum, ligaments and the bone, and is caused by bacterial infection. This inflammation can develop into pockets or gaps between the tooth and its surrounding gum and the loss of ligaments and bone that support the tooth. In severe forms of periodontal disease, there can be extensive loss of bone that supports the tooth, resulting in the tooth becoming loose and even causing tooth loss. (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Canberra)

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